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6/29/2016 Stei, Romania (Day #8)

We were back in Stei, and back on the farm with Uncle Traian and Tusica, (which means “Auntie” in Romanian). The mountain air did us some good as well as the food and company. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Today we were setting out to drive to Oradea to buy our train tickets so we could get on a train back to Bucharest in the up coming days.

We ate some more delicious food and then for desert we had homemade sour cherry brownies. I’m telling you. I’ve never tasted something so wonderful like this before. The sour cherries were growing right in the back yard and they had so many they used them for everything.

Uncle Traian’s dog, Jupiter loved them too:


Jupiter has kind of a sad story. They found him in a ditch as a puppy and brought him home and nursed him back to good health. I guess it isn’t that sad of a story but just the treatment of dogs in Romanian is kind of sad. Like I’ve stated before, they really aren’t looked at as a member of the family like they are in America. Although, American’s don’t exactly treat their dogs with as much love and respect as they should either. Let’s be fair.

Anyway. We drove to Oradea, (which I failed to take an really good pictures) and bought our train tickets. Initially, Alex and I wanted to take a day train back to Bucharest but we finally decided on riding the train over night. There would be less stops and it would take about 12 hours to get back and we could sleep on the train so we figured we’d actually not lose a day to travel if we did it this way. Brilliant. Little did I know that the trains were a little more dangerous during night time in Romania. Mainly because the Gypsies would target unsuspecting tourists and try to steal your stuff when you left your cabin. Not a big deal. We just wouldn’t leave our cabin.

Uncle Traian and Tusica were absolutely amazing to us on this trip. They took us anywhere without any problems and we ate the best food. It would be hard to leave this place. For the rest of the day Alex and I sat underneath the sour cherry tree in the back yard with Jupiter. The weather had cooled off a little bit which meant rain would be coming. It felt good to just lay their peacefully without a care in the world. Tomorrow we would be heading to Bihor, Romanian to visit some of Alex’s cousins again, and say our goodbyes. It would be an emotional day for everyone but that’s how it goes some times.




6/26/2015 Grand Cayman Islands (Day #4)


Now THAT is a yogurt parfait! Holy smokes! Another great meal at the Blue Iguana just like yesterday, the day before and our first day on the island.

Today we’d experience Georgetown. That was the plan. Georgetown was one of those places where it’s extremely tourist-y and just about every shop sells the same little knick-knacks and trinkets. Alexandra ended up buying a shirt for her Dad and a few little hand-made turtle figurines for her cousins. I bought a much needed coffee mug that had the map of the Cayman Islands on it and a small little turtle figurine for my Mother. My Dad is rather hard to shop for so I’m keeping my eye out for something special for him.

Who knew there’d be a Hard Rock Café around here…


…and here’s another street view picture of Georgetown just to give you an idea of what it was like:


Do you notice the direction of travel that the cars are going? It’s looks backwards, right? Well, that’s because here on the Cayman Islands they drive on the left side of the road and the steering wheel in most cars is on the opposite side of the car. Pretty crazy, right? It took a couple of cab rides to get used to it, to be honest.

We did a few more hours of shopping before we finally headed back to our hotel room…


…and on our way back, we found this awesome home-made sign that had directional arrows pointing to different destinations around the world:


After exploring Georgetown for most of the day, it was time to head back and get poolside to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation…


Some days a person just needs to kick back and relax.