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It’s simple. My Mom took me to a baseball game when I was nine years old. The year was 1989 and it was my very first game in the Kingdome in Seattle, Washington. The Mariners were playing the Baltimore Orioles and they lost 4-3. After that, I begged my Dad to take me to as many games as he could while growing up in the Pacific Northwest. When I turned 19 I joined the Army and traveled to Germany and did a combat tour in Iraq. When I returned home I attended a game in Kansas City at Kauffman Stadium and then I started traveling to other stadiums. I’ve been to 14 other stadiums and I plan to see all thirty and then some. I’ve seen Major League baseball games in Japan and Australia. I’ve caught over 300 baseballs during batting practice, I’ve met countless baseball players and caught a foul ball at the Oakland Coliseum! It’s been a fun ride so far and it’s far from over…


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