6/24/2015 Grand Cayman Islands (Day #2)

Breakfast in bed…what a luxurious treat:


When we got to the Cayman Islands yesterday, the airline had lost our luggage. Right before breakfast we received a phone call from the airline stating that our luggage had been left behind in Seattle. What?! How does something like that even happen?! The good news was; our luggage was on the first flight out of Seattle and would be a straight flight to Miami and then, of course, another hour to the Grand Caymans. I was expecting it to arrive some time in the late evening.

After breakfast, we ventured back out to the pool area and out towards the ocean. I walked passed the bushes and this guy decided to show his face…


…they were literally everywhere! And this was the biggest one we’ve seen so far!

Today was one of those days were we wanted to just sit in the pool or lay by the ocean and we pretty much did that for about eight hours…


…not only did I lay by the ocean for hours on end, but I took selfies with the local wild life…


…and took pictures of the local chickens and her baby chicks:


Later that evening, we ate at the Blue Iguana…


…and watched the sun set on the pier…


When we got back to our room, the front desk had left a message on our door letting us know that our bag had made it to the hotel. We were ecstatic and relived at the same time! I rushed down to the front desk, grabbed our bag and returned to our room. What. A. Relief!

We made plans to head out to Camano Bay the following day and experience an adventure in Georgetown. Can’t wait.



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