6/23/2015 Grand Cayman Islands (Day #1)

The day actually started on the 21st with a flight out of Seattle at 6pm. We arrived in St. Louis around midnight to a completely empty airport. Our layover lasted until about 6am when we caught our second flight out to Miami. When we got to Miami, we immediately boarded our third and final plane to the Grand Cayman Islands. When we arrived at the Cayman Island airport, we had literally been awake for 26 hours. So you could imagine how tired, hungry and ready we were to check into our hotel and get some rest.

Our adventure was just starting. We flew under Alaska Air initially and then our last two flights were under American Airlines. I’m guessing because since we had a short layover after getting into St. Louis that could be the reason as to why our luggage never made it all the way through the trip. The staff was extremely sympathetic and helpful and told us that the airline (American Air) would reimburse us for anything we would end up having to purchase because of our lost luggage.

When we were in St. Louis, my girlfriend, Alexandra, had a feeling that maybe we ought to at least check baggage claim to make sure our luggage didn’t accidently get dropped off. I had a similar gut feeling that maybe we should ask someone about our luggage and just to double-check that it wasn’t sitting somewhere in the airport like in Lost and Found or something. We even thought a couple (who were flying with us) were completely selfish for not checking their two large bags when the airline staff asked if anyone would be willing to check their bags since the flight was full and the overhead compartments would be limited. Ha!

The lobby of the hotel was absolutely stunning…


…and our room was equally amazing:


We made the best of our situation and took our first stroll around the hotel:


On our way over from the airport, the cab driver told us all about the Cayman Islands and how they became. The British and the Spaniards battled in this very location in the 1500’s when Christopher Columbus sailed the seas. There was an apparent cease-fire and the Islands were given to the Brits as part of the deal. We also noticed plenty of Iguanas running around. Those were brought over by the Hondurans for a food supply and they just multiplied like rats. There are native Iguanas but the driver told us we won’t see many of those as they stay on the Eastern side of the island and hate people.


We spent the remainder of the day in the pool and then finally called it a night.

I tweeted about American Airlines losing our luggage and they promptly responded, and I do appreciate that. I’m just a little upset about the entire situation for the fact that this is a six day stay in the Caymans and we literally have no other clothing to change into. The staff member for Alaska Airlines told us our bag would be waiting for us when we got to our destination and we wouldn’t have to get it and re-check it. So not the case. Traveling as become such a wretched endeavor these days…

The cramped leg space, the crying babies, the checked bag fees, the delays and lost luggage issues, along with the airlines literally nickel and diming everyone over movies, wifi, drinks and now meals, it’s amazing anyone ever uses airline companies anymore. But how else are we supposed to get anywhere? Good grief…



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