4/9/2014 at AT&T Park

1It has been forever since I last attended a baseball game in San Francisco. AT&T Park is one of the most interesting baseball stadiums I’ve seen so far in my journey to see all 30. The last time I came here I snagged a bunch of baseballs and took lots of photos. You can check out that entry by clicking this link.


Here’s a picture of me inside:



It was Hunter Pence bobble head night so I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be able to snag a bunch of baseballs like last time. To my surprise I was literally the first one into the lower seating bowl and found one baseball sitting in the seats. I thought I saw two but I couldn’t find the second one. Moments later a stampede of fans started filling the rows and I then started to wander the stadium.

Here’s a picture of McCovey Dave:



Dave is a huge Giants fan and attends nearly every home game in his kayaker. He goes after home run baseballs that land in the cove out behind AT&T Park and he is pretty successful at it. He has multiple methods of catching the baseballs but the real trick is just being at the right place at the right time to catch them. If you follow Dave on Twitter you will learn so much about all the “splash hits” and all the players that have hit one into the drink. He’s seriously worth a follow on Twitter and if you’re a baseball nut/fan like him, I’m sure he will follow you back.

Before the game started I noticed something. Take a look at the next picture and look at the bottom left corner…



…they’re kind of hard to see but…are those medal detectors? There weren’t any at the front gates of the ballpark when I came through. I thought it was sort of odd. I heard about Major League Baseball putting them in every baseball stadium but I wasn’t entirely certain it was a true. I guess it is true. What a pain in the butt this is going to be. I wonder how strict security will be or what will happen? Will they make us take our shoes off or our belts? Maybe an official TSA pat down? I’m kind of curious of everyone’s opinion on this. If you’re a ballhawk, please take the extra time it takes to leave a comment and give your opinion; pros and cons of how this will help/hurt your chances of getting a baseball.


Stay tuned for my adventure on Alcatraz Island…



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  1. Zack Hample

    I think the metal detectors are going to be annoying as hell, but this is what the world is becoming. In a weird way, though, I think it might actually create an unexpected advantage for ballhawks. It’s going to take such a long time to get people into the stadium that whoever’s first on line will have extra time inside with less competition.

  2. Mateo Fischer

    The way the Twins have it where it’s only select gates, I’m more than okay with it. It actually helps if you’re at the gate where they’re not. What would bother me is since I haven’t been to enough games to know whether they do this, but if they put them at a random gate right before they open because that only hurts people who get to the gate right away and not anybody actually trying to get harmful material into the stadium any time after the gates open becasue they could just go to a different gate when they saw the metal detectors set up. But to address the big ballhawk issue, New York ballhawks already have had to go with drill for years now at Citi Field, so I know it’d slow down the entry process by a couple seconds, but if you have it in place, it really isn’t that frustrating. What’s frustrating is a situation where other people are entering but you’re stuck at the gate like when you’re ticket doesn’t scan.

  3. fenwayballhawk31

    They have been doing this at Fenway. They now check your bags and then you get metal detected buy the gate guards. It does take some time, but it is good to know that we will be safe in the ballpark. It does make waiting in line longer if you’re not one of the first ones in line which can cut time in batting practice time. I think if we get in line first ones it won’t effect us and might give us an advantage. People are not going to come in as fast which brings up a ballhawkers chance at a baseball higher! Hope this helps out!

  4. ballhawkshawn

    When things go my way, I’m at the ballpark so early that the metal detectors won’t be an issue for me. Everything I take into a ballpark is approved anyways. As a citizen, I have my opinion on this issue, which I won’t be sharing here because we didn’t come to talk politics. As a ballhawk, I’m indifferent. US Cellular field metal detector “wands” you down before you enter. Ultimately, I’m not happy about it, but it doesn’t get me too upset either.

  5. Tom Mikita

    I think Pac bell park is kind of overrated. It’s beautiful and everything but the concourses are tiny and the “fans” are annoying. Seems like everytime I go there, I sit in front of someone that is 1) talkin on their phone the whole game or 2) “not a baseball fan I just got these tickets from work”. As far as the metal detectors, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. As long as everyone is calm and uses common sense it shouldn’t………. Who am I kidding. If you’re one of the first people in line it won’t be an issue. If not you’re screwed. Hope to see you soon at Safeco

  6. Larry

    Well I guess this means I’ll have to be in line A LOT earlier. Considering it will keep the Park safe, I think it’s okay. But it will make it a whole lot slower to get into the park. Especially with large crowds in Chicago and New York. I haven’t been to game where they have these yet, so I’ll have to see how it effects my ballhawking game. Lets hope they find a quicker way to check bags also. Sometimes bag checks take forever. Maybe they should use those wands ( that Shawn was talking about ) to search bags also. It frustrates me that our world has come to this. We have to go through a metal detector to go to a baseball game. Pretty sad, but if its what we have to do to keep people safe, so be it.

  7. Larry

    Well, I guess I have to get to the ballpark a whole lot earlier. From a non ballhawk perspective this is good, because it keeps the park safe, but it might make it a lot slower to get into the park. Especially with the big crowds in NYC and Chicago. This will also give a HUGE advantage to those with STH early entry. They also need to find a way to make bag check faster. Sometimes it can take forever. Maybe they should use those wands Shawn was talking about.

    I think it’s sad our world has come to this. We have to go through a metal detector to go to a baseball game. It’s pretty sad, but if its what we have to do to protect the park, so be it.

  8. Nick Badders

    It will take a while for security to get adjusted. It’s going to be difficult for most at first. However, once everyone gets used to it, I’m not particularly worried. Oakland started doing this in late 2013 and at first, it was HORRIBLE. However, this season, it’s worked perfectly fine. And like Zack mentioned, people are entering the ballpark slower now, which gives most ballhawks a slight advantage.

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