5-8-2012 Safeco Field

Yesterday’s Mariners game at Safeco Field was a lot of fun. Not only did the Mariners win in walk-off fashion, but some of my friends brought some extremely creative signs for their favorite Mariner players:

The posters were so awesome that, as you can see, the Root Sports guy had to come down and put them on tv for the opening part of the baseball game. And Kyle Seager has been an absolute beast for the Mariners thus far.

The Mariners winning last night, John Jaso and Jesus Montero coming up big for the Mariners, my evening started out like this:

Yes, that is my baseball glove in the visitors bullpen. How did it get there? Well, I’ll tell you. See the baseball laying next to it? I was attempting to glove-trick that specific baseball and impress the many onlookers that watched. Instead, as I was lowering down my glove, the material I used to tie onto my glove, broke. I felt like a total jack-ass. The good thing is, this doesn’t look like anything. And all I had to say to the bullpen cop (who I thanked sincerely) was my glove fell down into the bullpen. If anyone asked, well, I was trying to get an autograph, right? That’s what it looked like, anyway. The other good thing was, I was able to get the baseball but my glove-trick was a complete train-wreck:

I attempted a quick repair, but it was useless to repair this mess. I tossed the string and moved on.

My second and final baseball came from Doug Fister. Here’s how it happened: I was standing in the ‘Pen after my glove-trick had busted where I thought I’d rely on a few toss-ups from the Tigers pitchers. When Doug Fister came screaming in to centerfield to snag a BP line drive, everyone started calling out to him. As little as I’ve seen Doug Fister interact with the crowd, it hasn’t been much. He usually just tosses baseballs into the crowd without really looking. Knowing this, I set up in the back of the group of people who Fister was in line with and waited. As soon as I saw the baseball come flying over the fence, I waited for the initial bobble and then pounced on the baseball as it headed back my way. I reached across my body to make a back-handed snag but the ball ricocheted off the tip of my glove, bounced off the short wall near the back of the ‘Pen, caromed off the garbage can and rolled to my feet. I scooped it up and tossed it to the nearest fan that I thought had initially touched it after Fister threw it in.

Again, like last night, the Mariners were trailing going into the bottom of the ninth. Another barn burner? Yes please! This time, Jose Valverde was on the hill and I absolutely love watching this dude pitch! Things started out in the Mariners favor; Carp walked, Saunders walked and then Ackley struck out swinging. With Figgins pinch-running at second for Mike Carp, I thought for sure Seattle would tack on a run or two here. But Brendan Ryan grounded into a force play at 2nd and narrowly beat the throw to first. Still, with hope and Figgins at 3rd, I thought good things were going to happen. A gutsy call from Wedge to send Ryan down to second with a stolen base lined everything up for the Mariners. Ichiro got intentionally walked which would bring up Jesus Montero…


…but then this happened:

Game over.

I’m snagging baseballs for puppies again this season for the Seattle Humane Society! If you want to check out my charity information, just click here!

Last season, with the help of all of you, we were able to raise over $250 dollars! This year I’d like to break $300!

Today’s game snagging Highlights: Detroit Tigers vs. Seattle Mariners- attendance 13,455

Baseballs snagged: three (glove-tricked on, Doug Fister toss-up)

Total baseballs snagged this season: 33

Total baseballs snagged last season: 135

Total dollars raised at this game: $4.08

Total dollars raised for Snagging Baseballs for Puppies this season: $64.02

Total dollars raised for Snagging Baseballs for Puppies last season: $257.00

Total number of donors this season: 9

Total number of donors last season: 7

If you’d like to join my official Snagging Baseballs for Puppies Facebook page, just click here! And if you want to like Collection of Baseball on Facebook, click here!



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