The Brandon League Twitter Handle Contest

Brandon League is new to Twitter. We all know that. League was asked during Seattle Mariners Fan Fest, which I attended, if he’d get a Twitter account. I wasn’t there when the question was asked but I could imagine League’s response. Maybe a quirky smile and an “I’ll think about it” response was probably not out of the question. Anyway, to make a long story short, the Mariners put on a contest through Twitter asking fans around the United States, and more importantly, Brandon League fans, to help Brandon come up with a Twitter handle. Well, yours truly won that contest. I tweeted a few Twitter handles that Brandon would possibly choose and lo and behold, Brandon picked “@BrandonLeague43!” The Mariners ultimately followed me on Twitter, @MLBwayneMLB, and sent me a DM explaining that I had won the contest! How cool is THAT?!

Soooooo we exchanged information, I waited by my mailbox for three weeks and finally this arrived…



…how freaking cool is that?! Here’s a close up of what Brandon put on the baseball:


And here’s the final tweet telling the world that I won the contest! BAM!


So there you have it, folks! What a great experience and thank you so much, Brandon, for the baseball! And thank you, Mariners, for the card! It’s very heart warming! I’ll see you all at the Safe!












  1. Mateo Fischer

    For the record, I did read this the first hour you posted it, but was logged off the computer I was using mid-comment. So, here it is:

    Wow, this is really awesome that you had this interaction with an MLB player. Even the story that surrounds the whole situation independent of the ball. I mean the ball itself is a great thing to get, but the best part is that you forever have this story to augment your experience with MLB and its players.

    • Wayne


      Thanks for the awesome comment. Yes, it feels really good to be able to connect with the players on this type of level. Whether Brandon really cares that much about picking my twitter handle or if one of the Mariners staff members did it for him, whatever. It still feels awesome. And its even more cool that they thanked me for my service and Brandon personalized the baseball for me. I’ll have to give Brandon a handshake at the Safe this year, just for that.

  2. Robert Peck

    Great job Wayne. I’m impressed! That must be one of your most memorable baseballs.
    You’re the best, I can say that because I”m your dad……..Ha ha.

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