Detroit Tigers Fantasy Camp

Ever since I found out about these Major League Baseball fantasy camps I’ve always wanted to attend one. Every camp is different and some are more expensive and some are shorter or longer depending on the camp. When I say expensive I truly mean that. Some can be as much as $4,500 dollars. To justify that cost you get to fly to the spring training camp of the team you’ve selected, you get uniforms, breakfast and lunch, you get to meet players, get autographs, pictures and of course you get to play baseball with and against former Major Leaguers. Not only that but you get a complete clubhouse experience. To me that’s a pretty awesome deal. The down side to all of this is most fantasy camps require campers to be 30 years old or older. Which is fine. But that meant I couldn’t attend any camps in my twenties. Which thoroughly bummed me out.

The other day I made a promise to myself. That promise was to attend one of these camps before I get too old to do it. Or end up working a job where I’d have absolutely no time to go to one. The time is now. The question is: which camp should I choose? I wanted to choose a fantasy camp of a Major League team with the most players that were my favorites growing up as a kid. Of course the Seattle Mariners camp popped into my mind. Over the years I have sort of put having a favorite team in the Major Leagues on hold. So I really wouldn’t call myself a die-hard Mariners fan anymore. And since the latest horrible trade by them I have sort of distanced myself even further from the Seattle team. Now I’m more of a die-hard baseball fan.  You can read all about that here. Anyway.

The Mariners fantasy camp has a lot of Mariner alumni that I’d love to meet, get pictures with and get some autographs. But so do a lot of other teams. Three, besides the Mariners, that have also popped into my head were the Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles and the Detroit Tigers. When I tweeted this out on my Twitter account…

Collecting Baseballs@MLBwayneMLB18 Jan

I’m thinking about doing an @MLB fantasy camp in 2014. Question is which team should I pick? My top 3 are @Athletics @Orioles or @tigers

…the Detroit Tigers were the first to respond. That wasn’t the initial reasons as to why I made my decision though. The decision was made over key players that the Tigers have hosted at their camp in the past. Namely, Cecil Fielder. Fielder was a childhood hero to me. Everyone wanted his baseball card and we all enjoyed watching him play. Especially when he’d smoke a long ball. Everyone loves the long ball. Everyone.

So I made my decision after a few minutes of direct messaging with Detroit Tigers on Twitter. They initially asked “what would sway me” to choose the Tigers camp and really, all I wanted was them to follow me on my Twitter account. Which they did. Although I did ask for any baseball bats lying around the clubhouse or maybe a bobble head from last year, which I was denied, but it wasn’t about all of that anyway. I just asked for general purpose.

So there you have it, folks! Yours truly will be attending the Detroit Tigers fantasy camp next year! I am super stoked about it and I will most definitely bring my camera, take lots of pictures and blog about every day that I’m there at the camp!



  1. Wayne


    It is rather pricey, yes indead. At this point I’m not sure I’ll be able to save up enough money to actually go in 2013. I might have to postpone it until 2014. But I’m giving myself a timeline and a goal. I thought about putting the whole thing on a credit card but with interest it would actually cost upwards of 5k. And then trying to pay off a credit card for the next two years is not something I want to be doing. I think what a person gets from this camp is well worth the money, even if they just do it once, and even if they’re at camp with a bunch of MLB alumni they’ve never heard of. Its still an opportunity that appeals to me since I’m such a baseball fanatic!

  2. Red State Blue State

    Wow! Sounds awesome! I’ve never heard of these but it’s probably better that way (so says my checking account). Either way, I can’t wait to hear about your experience one of these days. And in the end, it doesn’t sound like any of the teams’ camps would be a bad experience. Best of luck!

    • Wayne


      Thank you so much for your comment. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more than just the Tigers camp. I’d like to do a few more. It’ll be a week of baseball and blogging! Can’t wait!

  3. Matthew E. Frederick

    I went to the Tigers fantasy camp last year and I promise you it was worth every single penny. Here is my first bit of advise… get in shape! I am 38 and I stay in pretty good shape, but I wasn’t in good enough shape. I am still thinking about going this year and if I do, I will start training on August 1st and train pretty hard. Anyway, if you go, go to the second week, there is a fun group of people that go to the second week every year and they really make the week really enjoyable. Hope to see you there.

  4. T. J.

    I’ll be going in 2014, but probably the first week. My birthday is Jan 21st, so that usually falls on the first week of camp. Also, the folks that are there the first week get an extra game against the Yankees campers.

    • Wayne


      I can’t decide on which camp. But I want to try at least one before I get too old to be able to do things like this. If you do go, drop me a line when. Maybe we can meet up!

  5. Matthew

    I am going again next year, plan on going every 2 years, too expensive to go every year. I will probably go the second week again though.

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