Busch Stadium 6-1-2010

     Game two of the three game series between the Cincinnati Reds, and the St Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals won the first game of the series which created a first place tie. I was thoroughly excited to be at the stadium today to watch this game. The Reds have been playing awesome baseball, and I really wanted them to take first place back.

     Once I got to the stadium I ran around to the left field gates to see if batting practice was going to take place. What I didnt expect was 1,000 D.A.R.E students to already be in the stadium. They filled the first base side seats, and were being given some kind of lecture about drugs. So I raced back to the third base side gates, and pulled up some real estate.

     Once the gates opened I knew that any chance of finding an easter egg was out the window. In fact once I got inside, and saw that both base lines were lined with kids, and parents I knew this would be one of those days at the ballpark. I was able to squeeze my way inbetween some kids, and waited patiently for something to come down the line. I didnt have to wait long before most of the Reds were done warming up, and Jonny Gomes kind of hinted to me that he was going to toss me a baseball. I dont know what it was but after we made eye contact I kind of knew that he was looking for a Cincinnati fan to toss a ball to. I nodded to him slightly, and put up my glove to about chest high. He tossed me a gem, and I quickly thanked him. I was standing by an older woman that had two kids with her that was astonished that Gomes threw me that. Well, at least the streak stayed alive, and I didnt have to really fight for a baseball.

     Batting practice actually ended early for a D.A.R.E police car parade around the baseball field.

DARE cars.jpg

























     The people down by the dugout at the bottom of the picture were trying to get Dusty Bakers autograph. Him, and Mike Leake walked over to sign some autographs for the fans. If you get inside the stadium early enough you can get yourself a spot by the dugout just like these fans are doing, and probably get some pretty good autographs from players. Most of them walk over by request, and sign.

     The game was an absolute edge your seat, well played, amazing baseball game. Probably the best game I had seen all year. Also note that before the game Scott Rolen came over to sign autographs, and I hooked him up with “Good Luck Knucks”. What did Scott Rolen do? Two home runs, and a double for the evening. He did very well. If youve been keeping up on my blogs throughout the season I also gave “Good Luck Knucks” to Dan Uggla when the Marlins came to Busch Stadium, and he hit a home run as well. As the season continues I kind of put a fine tune on my Good Luck Knucks. You know like personal rules that make it so it works everytime. I should probably write up a blog entry about my Good Luck Knucks.

     So the game was a success for the Reds. They won despite having Nick Masset on the mound for an inning. I will tell you something else about the Reds bullpen. Arthur Rhodes ( despite him not being very fan friendly ) he has became such an asset for the Reds. With an ERA of .43 he has held just about every batter hes faced this season at bay. I really enjoy watching him pitch. By winning this game against the Cardinals the Reds were now back in first place in the National League Central division. So tomorrows game would be even more important to win because that would allow the Reds to gain some ground on the Cardinals. Unfortunatly for the Reds, the Cardinals had Chris Carpenter on the mound against Sam LeCure. LeCure got called up because Homer Bailey is on the DL with some shoulder problems or something like that. So we shall see. I was desperatly trying to come up with a way to jinx Carpenter so hed have a bad game but I couldnt think of anything.

     As the ninth inning neared I beat out security again to get a baseball from the home plate umpire, and I was successful again in doing so. There wasnt much competition for a baseball, and the home plate umpire put it right in my glove. How about that. I didnt even have to catch it. So I made out pretty well at Busch. Two baseballs, and a Reds win!


Game: Cincinnati Reds Vs St Louis Cardinals June 1st 2010 7:15pm.

Game Balls: Two

Autographs: None

Attendance: 37,414



  1. teemo

    Hi Wayne –
    Thank you for all of your advice in St. Louis – Too bad I wasn’t able to catch up with you. I give you credit as Busch is a difficult place to ballhawk. We were there for this night and no wonder it was packed with kids for the D.A.R.E. event. Wish you the best this season and try to keep it cool with the ushers (better to have usher that will help you out than stick it to you) – I totally agree with you that parents need to be more aware of what is going around during batting practice. Some of these parents are more into having their child beg for a ball than watching balls fly into the stands. There is a going to be a day when a child get seriously hurt during BP and these ballpark shut out all fans in BP due to liability. At the end of the day MLB players during BP are trying to get ready for a game and not there to hear a bunch of children and adults beg for a ball – Keep up the good work on the blog and yes a decoy ball would be a good solution to future problems – Aloha Todd

  2. stock350

    TODD- For the most part I keep it friendly with the ushers. I think baseball has grown, and really shifted gears to really revolve around children. It seems that whenever I go to a game someone is trying to make a child a priority. Which is totally fine. I think kids should have a great time at the ballpark. But I also think that EVERYONE is a fan, and EVERYONE is entitled to the same things kids are entitled to. I.E throwing out the first pitch, meeting players, having baseballs throw to them, getting autographs..and for the most part it seems pretty even down the line. But nobody deserves a baseball just because something significant happens. If you get your hands on one its yours to keep.

    Yes, Busch is very hard to ballhawk in. I average 3-4 a game, and those numbers dont come easy. But its still a lot of fun.

    What is your schedule like for up coming games? Im planning a two week road trip that will take me from Great American Ballpark all the way to PNC, and even Camden Yards. Hope to see you on the road if youre going that way!


  3. teemo

    Wayne –

    Sorry we are back in Hawaii after a two week trip which was fun visiting various ballparks. PNC and Camden are beautiful parks. Unfortunately we missed batting practice(PNC – three hour rain delay and Camden-late as we were driving from Pittsburgh). Remember all three parks have early entry for season ticket holders. So good luck – Look forward to seeing your updates from your trip – Aloha Todd

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